The Fifth Attempt

There will always be the first first for everything in life, they say. I started blogging for the first time about 10 years ago, before I even owned my first smartphone. before,I joined Facebook even. Damn, that’s ancient!

As far as I remember, it was my second break-up, and I was so lost that I had to start doing something to keep my mind of my wrecking relationship. I like writing. Well, most of the time, especially when I get paid for doing it. So, blogging was one of the thin I could think of, beside getting a gym membership, dying my hair blond and taking a random non-air con bus without knowing where it will end.  So, what was that blog about? What did I write? Funny thing is, I totally forgot!!!!

If I’m going to investigate myself and really fin out what it was, i am sure it was a lot of rambling ,whining prose and cheesy poem. Yes, I am THAT dramatic. But, come on! I am sure I am not the only one doing such things. Right? or am I?

Now, let’s skip my second, third, fourth to my fifth attempt which is this blog that you are reading now. We will always have our first time for everything and this is the first post of my fifth blog.  Yeah,yeah, I promise this is not the last. Let’s do it all over again! 🙂



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